AS EASY AS 1 2 3...

Our three step approach means less time organising and more time riding for you!
Enter A Challenge
Explore our preset challenges and pick one that suits you, we have options for all ages & skill levels! Everything is focussed on your enjoyment and time with your horse, without any of the expectations or high costs of competition level challenges.
Ready, Set, Go!
Our challenges start and end monthly, so you’ll have plenty of time to reach your goal, and we will send you a rosette, or rosette & polo shirt to congratulate you on your achievement!
Submit Evidence
At the end of the month we’ll email you reminding you to send us proof that you’ve completed your challenge, it can be screenshots of tracking apps, photos of your records or a spreadsheet of your results!
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of challenges are available?

We aim to cater for all abilities and skill levels, from our mini mojos challenges for younger riders, right up to our custom challenges where you can specify your own targets and goals or push yourself to reach your own goals.

Our focus is always on motivating you to get out and enjoy time with your horse, and achieving what you want without any of the pressure or high cost of competitions that expect specific achievements under heavily scrutinised criteria.

To see all of our currently available challenges click here

How much does it cost to enter a challenge?

The cost of entering challenges depends on the rewards you choose, most of our challenge rewards are either a rosette or a rosette and a high quality polo shirt, however we may occasionally run limited edition rewards for special events or longer term goals with differing entry fees.

Our current challenge entry fees are outlined below:

Mini Mojos (Children up to age 16)
Mini Mojo Rosette – £10.99
Mini Mojo Rosette & Polo Shirt – £21.99

My Mojos
My Mojo Rosette – £12.99
My Mojo Rosette & Polo Shirt – £24.99

All fees include the processing of your challenge and the delivery fee of your rewards upon completion of your goals which can be submitted via our evidence submission address here

How long do I have to complete my challenge?

Most of our challenges have a one month completion time, but occasionally we may run “Special Mojo” Challenges with differing timescales – but these will be clearly marked.

Will I still receive a rosette/rosette and polo shirt if I do not complete my challenge?

Yes! We will always send you your rosette (and polo shirt if requested) as a reward for trying! Animals (and humans!) are unpredictable! We recognise that taking the first step and trying still deserve a reward! If you couldn’t complete your challenge this time, why not re-enter and try again next month? The important thing is to not give up!

When will I receive my reward?

We will aim to have your rewards with you within 21 days of each completed month (giving you enough time to get your evidence submitted to us). However, during spells of bad weather, conditions may mean this isn’t possible. Please bear with us, and rest assured, we will get your reward to you as soon as possible.

What if I can’t provide photographic, or app screenshot proofs of achievement?

Don’t worry! We know not everything can be “evidenced”! Just email us here and tell us how you got on! We reward you for your efforts! You only fail when you stop trying!