Build motivation, raise your confidence levels, help you focus & grow the bond between you and your horse!

This Months Rewards

Your March Rewards!
Choose your challenge below & get started, Good Luck!

Groundwork & Training

There are lots of challenges to overcome with groundwork and training. Below are some suggested challenges you may wish to work towards. There will be lots we haven’t thought of, as well as things which you know you need to work on, such as opening gates, walking through water, etc, so there is a “Self Defined Target” option for you to specify your own goals

Leisure Riders & Hackers

Choose from one of our preset challenges, or choose the self defined challenge and define your own goals, for example overcome riding in open fields/spaces, take part in a fun ride, hack through water etc, we all have our own challenges to overcome!”


If you are unable to take part in organised competitive events, or simply wish to push yourself in between events, this section is for you!

Confidence & Bonding

You can’t have confidence without trust, and trust works both ways. Our confidence challenges aim to establish trust between yourself and your horse, as this is the most important step. Do not rush onto the next challenge, unless you are both confident in the one you have been doing.

Please note: These challenges are only for safe and backed horses. If your horse needs training, you must seek professional help.

Mini Mojos!

Don’t forget, kids can lose their Mojo’s too!  We have Mini Mojo’s designed with kids in mind, or ask them to choose their own!  Everyone works harder if they challenge themselves and everyone deserves a reward for the effort and work they put in! Anyone can take part in any of the challenges, but below are some we thought some younger riders would embrace working towards

Work on your goals to achieve your dreams!

Riding once a week for 10 minutes is better than not riding at all! Jumping at 60cm is better than not jumping at all! No step is a small step! At least we are going in the right direction!

Whether you need a confidence boost, have lost your focus, simply enjoy challenging yourself, or need a kick start to start enjoying the things you love again – we will help you reach your targets! You can work towards your goals on your own, link your profile with friends, or make new friends to help each other along the way with tips and share your progress and experiences with one another.


Your horse needs proper development/condition in order to perform tasks:

Is your horse fit, able and capable to complete this challenge?

Am I fit, able and capable to complete this challenge?

If the answer is yes to both, what’s stopping you?

Please only aim to complete targets which are achievable and safe to do so.  You should aim to push yourself and your horse, but not beyond your reasonable capabilities.

Where necessary, you must seek help, and/or instruction from a suitably qualified instructor/responsible person.

You must not put yourself, your horse, or others, in danger or risk of injury, in order to complete a challenge.

We recommend children should be suitably supervised at all times.


If theres anything you'd like to know before joining, feel free to send us a message below and we'll get back to you asap!