Just for you and your horse, none of the pressures & costs of competition level challenges, set your own challenge & meet your own goals!
As easy as 1 2 3…
Our three step approach means less time organising and more time riding for you!
Enter A Challenge
Explore our preset challenges and pick one that suits you, we have options for all ages & skill levels! Everything is focussed on your enjoyment and time with your horse, without any of the expectations or high costs of competition level challenges.
Ready, Set, Go!
Our challenges start and end monthly, so you’ll have plenty of time to reach your goal, and we will send you a rosette, or rosette & polo shirt to congratulate you on your achievement!
Submit Evidence
At the end of the month we’ll email you reminding you to send us proof that you’ve completed your challenge, it can be screenshots of tracking apps, photos of your records or a spreadsheet of your results!
“One of our greatest joys is to see people enjoy their horse, exceed their expectations and actualise their goals. All while realising that horse riding should be fun above all else”.
Our challenges aim to provide horse riders of all levels with achievable goals and motivations to get out with their horses more, without the added pressures a competitive event brings.

Horse riding should always be about enjoyment, for both the rider and the horse, we want to reward our equestrians for their personal goals and give them the same feeling as competition winners without any of the pressures & costs.

Join Us…

We believe the best way to motivate each other is to create a social experience for you to share your achievements and tips, discuss everything horsey, and even make a few friends along the way!

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